Well #6

Project Summary

Well #6, when completed and online, will be the Village's fourth active drinking water well. The well was drilled, cased and capped in Fall 2022 (plans and drilling report linked below). Construction of the Well #6 pumphouse is planned to occur between Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. The Well #6 pumphouse will house the new wellhead, pumping equipment, process piping and valves, electrical and controls equipment, chemical treatment equipment, and an indoor standby natural gas-powered generator. The building will be brick and block construction and have a wood-framed gable roof. The Village intends to place Well #6 in service in late Spring or early Summer 2025.


Well #6 is located at 279 Peterson Trail, in the Highlands of Netherwood subdivision in Oregon.


Project Background

The Village of Oregon Water Utility provides water to residences and businesses in the Village. The Village’s water system pumps water from three groundwater wells, called Well #3, Well #4, and Well #5, to serve the community’s current population of 11,200 (2020 Census). Water from these wells is pumped into three storage facilities, located throughout the Village, for distribution to customers. The water system is divided into two pressure zones, known as the primary pressure zone (PPZ) and the high level pressure zone (HLPZ).


The Village maintains a Water System Master Plan to guide planning and budgeting efforts. The most recent Master Plan update, completely by RM in 2015, emphasized the need to move forward with design and construction of Well #6 and its associated infrastructure, including a pumphouse, underground storage, and a booster station to serve nearby development on a hill. This would be the fourth active well in the water system and, assuming a capacity of 800 gpm (similar to the capacity of the Village’s existing wells), it would accommodate projected development in the Village through 2045.


The Water Utility elected to split the Well #6 construction project into two stages – drilling of the well itself, and construction of the supporting facilities. Well #6 was drilled and capped in the Fall of 2022.


Project Schedule

The Well #6 well was drilled, cased and capped in Fall 2022. The Well #6 pumphouse is scheduled to be constructed between Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. Well #6 is scheduled to be placed online in the Village's water supply system in late Spring or early Summer 2025.


Important Documents